Packmedia Selection

  • Packmedia Selection 1/2021

    In this issue: IPACK-IMA 2022, Pharmintech • Eco-Design: the Conai Competition. Barbara del Curto talks about the new awareness of the industry in designing sustainable packaging • The Neverending Palette • Ecoshell: a “single dosage” paper pack (Acma), and much more...
  • Packmedia Selection 1/2020

    In this issue: interpack 2021, Anuga Foodtec, Meat-Teach 2021 • Oscar it is! The 42 finalists of the Best Packaging 2020 contest. • NextFilm™: biodegradable and compostable (Ticinoplast) • New standards in stretch film production for PCR material... and much more
  • Packmedia Selection 3/2019

    In this issue: SunColorBox: Ensuring color consistency • Luxury packaging has its Renaissance • Report on the state of packaging • Italian packaging machinery manufacturers sees futher 9.4% growth to 7.85bn euros • IMA acquires the majority of ATOP, and much more...
  • Packmedia Selection 2/2019

    In this issue: Best Packaging 2019: Environmental Packaging • ASEAN, a crossroad of opportunities • Report on the state of packaging • Italian packaging machines: export-import • IMA: Consolidated results at March 31st 2019, and much more...
  • Packmedia Selection 1/2019

    In this issue: New packaging scenarios • Seeds of Disruption” in the agrifood chain • Goglio: aseptic solutions for liquid products • Report on the state of the packaging • Packaging machines still show growth • SITuation & action • IMA Digital: project for process and packaging 4.0 • Stretch wrapping and end-of-line solutions, and much more...
  • Packmedia Selection 1/2018

    In this issue: Italian Design: Best Packaging 2018 • From "ready dish" to convenience food • Flexible plastic and PET bottles in pole position by 2020 • Nuceria: Growt and continuity • Italian Market. The industry at the time of IPACK-IMA • Packaging machines. Growth in Italian manufacturing continues • The secret of growing (a lot and well), and much more...